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Graham Coxon Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Graham Coxon Fans

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Fan Video Project :) [21 Jun 2009|01:17am]

Ah well this is kind of weird. But....ATTENTION ALL GRAHAM COXON AND BLUR FANS!!! I'm gonna make a video set to the song Spectacular, dress like a cowgirl,dance and send it to me okie dokie? I promise I'm not a creep. I'm gonna edit it and send it to Mr graham coxon himself

...or at least put it up and youtube...send it to him and twitter and hope he sees it

I want a bunch of fans and don't worry I'll totally credit you! It sounds super duper fun, ne? :)
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[29 May 2009|12:43pm]

Ohh noooo why isn't anyone posting? Are we all in star_shaped? Haha.

Anyway, new video:
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graham's collaboration with pete doherty [13 Jan 2009|07:00pm]

Graham plays guitar all over Pete's new album. The single, "Last of the English Roses," is out on Mar. 2. And the album is out on Mar. 9.

album track-by-track plus graham's forum post about peteCollapse )

I'm super excited about this!
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graham...the model! [14 Dec 2008|06:06pm]


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Blur 2nd july 2009, Hyde Park. [15 Dec 2008|12:11am]

[ mood | excited ]

I got the tickets in their Hyde Park concert next summer! I am going to see Graham!! and hear and see and I cant wait till summer!

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graham at 'under one sky' [08 Dec 2008|08:20pm]


a review of the show:
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Graham + Paul Weller=Black River live [22 Nov 2008|11:42pm]

at Paul Weller's BBC 4 Sessions

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Graham and Under One Sky [21 Nov 2008|11:39pm]

DiS can exclusively unveil Under One Sky a brand new folk'ish project which features guest vocals from the likes of Blur's Graham Coxon and Idlewild's Roddy Woomble. Under One Sky is the project of Scottish multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer John McCusker, and he's rallied together a dozen of Britain’s finest musicians including Roddy Woomble and Graham Coxon. Commissioned by various artsy organisations (PRS Foundation, the Scottish Arts Council and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation), it's one of those collaboration-filled records, which explores many different traditions that influence today’s folk scene. So that's roughly what it is. Here's an exclusive preview of 'All Has Gone' the track featuring Graham Coxon: Like the sound of that? There's an album due via Navigator Records on the 2nd February http://www.drownedinsound.com/news/4135820 I like it, but I'd like some info on his new album. But I'll take what I can get. Haha.
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Possible release date for Graham's new album? [13 Oct 2008|05:16pm]

I was doing a blog search of Graham and I found the following blog post:

Just been briefed to create the definitive Graham Coxon site

Having received an early, unmastered, listening CD of Graham Coxon’s glorious new album [ released in april '09 ] I was kerfuffled by the copyright protection – which is obviously essential – but which prohibits playing the CD’s on any computer. I scoured the office to see if anyone has a portable CD player at home…alas no. I realised they’re antique now. So in a wave of nostalgia here is the first Sony Walkman, which really makes me feel all warm ‘n fuzzy inside.

I have no idea if this is real or not, but I thought I'd share. OMG. April is so far away, damn it!

source: http://killerpoke.net/?p=209
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Another video from Peter Doherty's solo album sessions [06 Oct 2008|11:22pm]

Pete, Stephen Street, and Graham!

I'm getting excited about his new record now. Also, Graham needs to release his album too. SOON.
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[01 Oct 2008|08:45pm]

This is a video of Graham and Pete Doherty (courtesy of choosetoignore at thelibs_daily) playing "You're So Great."

I love it! Although the clip is too short for my liking.
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[16 Sep 2008|08:01pm]

I was bored and started reading Graham's message board....

I found this amusing.  He talks about his cure for a hangover:

rise early, never sleeep in !!!
drink alotof water and eat something...pref chocolate..drink a blottle of coke..have 2 showers..wear clean clothes..take a brisk walk to boots and buy fresh aspirins..but water and limes..eat limes and drink water with aspirin in...walk more, maybe to sainsburies..buy a pork pie...eat it on the way to the park..buy a strong coffee.lie down for a while until you need the loo... then find the nearest public lav and do you r business...drink more coca cola...go home and have a bath..watch the news..eat a small ammount...like some soup, tomato or pea and ham.
check time..if its after 6 have a boozy treat.

and what was a regular day of drinking for graham? Collapse )

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Hi! [13 Sep 2008|07:47pm]

I'm new member and just love Graham's voice and the way he plays guitar.
Tough it is really hard find his music, but  hopefully I will find some cd's when I visit England^^
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a massive graham picspam [13 Aug 2008|08:58pm]

due to boredom and procrastination, i'm posting a picspam of graham.  there are many many pictures and it may not be safe for dialup.  but enjoy!  i can't get enough of his face. 

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An older Graham interview [04 Aug 2008|06:15pm]

Hello everyone!  I'm a new Graham Coxon fan.  I loved Blur and I just recently "discovered" Graham's solo stuff and I love it.  While searching for him on google (yes, I'm obsessed) I came across this interview with him.  I"m not sure of the date, because the website didn't have anything written in it, but I think it may be from around February of this year.  Anyways, I didn't see it while searching through the archives here, so here's the link.  Enjoy!

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[19 Jun 2008|11:13pm]

[ mood | gah ]

oh god he finds aggression attractive.
I want him to say to me, "fierce?!" and "do you think so?"
I've watched this wayy too many times.

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[26 May 2008|05:29pm]

ok this might be really personal but i was shocked when i read this. so last summer the story about graham having a stalker came out. not much was known at the time other then she was on his message board and was apparently good friends with people on there. anyways i found this on a blog and thought i would share it.

You may have read the article last week, Blur star's stalker hell, in which a woman was cautioned by police for stalking Graham Coxon of Blur fame.
The paper states that Sue Ellingham became "crazed" after "failing to land him".


We are hearing what really happened was that Graham met her through his website forum, after he had split up from his wife and kicked booze and drugs. He scuttled her several times as part of a casual relationship.

Slowly he began to realise what "casual" meant on her terms. In a bid to remain close to Graham she invented a persona on the forum to stalk and harrass Graham and herself. By sharing a "stalker", she hoped her and Graham would be drawn together. Here's an example her invented persona was posting on the forum, directed at herself in order to win sympathy from Coxon and other forum members:

YOU VACANT BITCH! You know very well i would be kinder if you would give me the information I want. But you are such a stupid pathetic excuse for a female. You fucked Graham Coxon and then he fucked you over. It is what he does to women. Yet you still lick his arse instead of kicking it like he deserves. So many women on this board he has fucked over and you stand by him. I shouldn't use the word women - most of you are only girls. He lures the innocent in with kind words and flirtations. Then he fucks them over. And you all worship him. Oooh, Graham Coxon, you're so great and i love you. He is a predator ladies. And you stupid fat cow, *** - you know this yet you do nothing to help expose him. You are a fucking idiot. It could have been so simple. But you wouldn't co-opperate. and everyone is glad you are gone. You are too fucking stupid to even figure out who I am. The both of you. You and Graham should go fuck some more and procreate and populate the world with really fucking stupid children.

It didn't stop there. She pretended the 'stalker' was following them both. She got someone to take photos of herself and Graham on the street and posted them.

Poor Graham didn't know what had hit him.

To top it all off, she drove to Graham's Kent farmhouse/studio and caused criminal damage with some highly graphic graffiti. Graham finally went to the police and she got a caution for criminal damage and harassment.

We ask how she got away with just a caution and how she has managed to retain her job, in which she holds a position of responsibility?


i could be wrong but i pretty sure she didn't know him as personally as the blog claims, i think she only met him after one of his shows.
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[26 Apr 2008|02:19pm]

Crisis Consequences Gig at London Roundhouse March 2, 2008
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Graham presenting an award to Kevin McCabe at the MUSIC RADIO AWARDS on April 15, 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

+2Collapse )
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from Veikko's Blur Page [12 Dec 2007|01:50pm]


Graham joins Crisis supergroup

Graham Coxon - as seen on www.crisisconsequenses.com
Graham Coxon - as seen on www.crisisconsequenses.com

Graham Coxon has joined the new supergroup called Crisis Consequences that aims to help the homeless people in the UK.

The group entered the studio yesterday (November 5) to record a track called "Consequences", due to be out early next year. There is also a live show scheduled for 2nd March at the Camden Roundhouse.

The group consists of Beth Ditto, The Enemy, Pearl Lowe, Paul Weller, Supergrass, Graham Coxon, New Young Pony Club, Drew McConnell, Andy Rourke and Ed Harcourt.

For the studio diary and more info about the project, check out the official site at www.crisisconsequences.com.
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An amusing 'interview'! [28 Nov 2007|09:48pm]

I was just looking for a particularly saucy pic of Damon (chest hair; chavvy necklace) -- couldn't find it... But I did find this! It still makes me chuckle! XDD!!

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