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Graham joins Crisis supergroup

Graham Coxon - as seen on www.crisisconsequenses.com
Graham Coxon - as seen on www.crisisconsequenses.com

Graham Coxon has joined the new supergroup called Crisis Consequences that aims to help the homeless people in the UK.

The group entered the studio yesterday (November 5) to record a track called "Consequences", due to be out early next year. There is also a live show scheduled for 2nd March at the Camden Roundhouse.

The group consists of Beth Ditto, The Enemy, Pearl Lowe, Paul Weller, Supergrass, Graham Coxon, New Young Pony Club, Drew McConnell, Andy Rourke and Ed Harcourt.

For the studio diary and more info about the project, check out the official site at www.crisisconsequences.com.
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yay, thanks for posting that (: i have now reached the point where immediately after i think "oooh, it's graham!", i think "oooh, it's graham's guitar strap!" <3 i have so much love for that thing!
Awesome news, thanks for posting! That's so nice of Graham to do that :)