grill me a cheese (haha1205) wrote in grahamcoxon,
grill me a cheese

I was bored and started reading Graham's message board....

I found this amusing.  He talks about his cure for a hangover:

rise early, never sleeep in !!!
drink alotof water and eat something...pref chocolate..drink a blottle of coke..have 2 showers..wear clean clothes..take a brisk walk to boots and buy fresh aspirins..but water and limes and drink water with aspirin in...walk more, maybe to a pork it on the way to the a strong coffee.lie down for a while until you need the loo... then find the nearest public lav and do you r business...drink more coca cola...go home and have a the a small some soup, tomato or pea and ham.
check time..if its after 6 have a boozy treat.

mmm.. what i used to do tho was roll out of bed clothes on...shower and out the door as sooon as to father ted's and have 3 pints of cider then go to the posh pub and have a esspresso martini.. 5 quid but well worth it. then...bythen..i would be feeling sooo much better and i would buy a nice bottle of wine and drink that slowly...havin several breaks for jagermeisters.. .. then...and only then i would start drinking the pina co-lager and the out by 5 and told off by posh publican.. told to go home...and so leave..but..just drop in to father teds on the way home which by now is full of maniacs!!! but by then i look like one of them so we all sing along to elvis costello on the ffreee juke box!!!!! wew weew!!!!!!!! feelin great now..then...oh shit.. the humour excursions begin...and my new friends start gettin offended...there grins turn upside down..some slam down drinks and get to there feet...many are irish, some are just chavs,,,i remind then that i am a rich popstar and that i can say what i like and besides i was just about to buy the whole pub a drink, "baaaarrrrtender!!! drinks all round, my good man!".....and so on.

Oh Graham....

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I was wondering if he was still sober these days. Looks like a big no.
Hmmm, I assumed he was talking about his past experiences with alcohol, not like...what he does now. Cuz he says "what i used to do." I don't know though!
Ha, I really didn't read it that closely.
I would probably die if I tried drinking that much.He sounds like a bit of an ass haha!
this is a brilliant post. awww i like how he is seeing humour in his alkie years and not being all pious and dissociating from his boozy days.

thanks for posting :)
no problem :)

you should totally read some of his other posts on his message board. he talks about his college days and early blur days. it's cool to read about it because it comes straight from him and his personal experience, without any real editing. it's great.
i would really like to read these actually as i was obsessed with early blur. do you have the link?
he posts quite a lot on his forum, but here are some specific threads you might find interesting. i lurk on the forum, and i thought these were interesting and funny. his username is 'tin hat.'

talking about his fainting spells:

reminiscing about college (parties, music, alex):
thank you thank you. it is middle of night here and i only popped up for a glass of water so will read these tomorrow but i can tell i will be obsessed.

do you mind if i add you because you are cool and graham forum lurking kind of briefings would lighten my life x
hahaha, sure! let me warn you though, i post really random stuff. but, i do tend to go on about music i love. including graham. :)
i like random and i confess i stayed up and lurked over the alex link. i love that he posts in his forum. new obsession as a lurker on this forum has begun.

adding you now :)
Good that he is better now, it would have been sad if he had died because of alcohol.