funkyrhombus (evilevilasuka) wrote in grahamcoxon,

Fan Video Project :)

Ah well this is kind of weird. But....ATTENTION ALL GRAHAM COXON AND BLUR FANS!!! I'm gonna make a video set to the song Spectacular, dress like a cowgirl,dance and send it to me okie dokie? I promise I'm not a creep. I'm gonna edit it and send it to Mr graham coxon himself

...or at least put it up and youtube...send it to him and twitter and hope he sees it

I want a bunch of fans and don't worry I'll totally credit you! It sounds super duper fun, ne? :)
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That actually sounds like a cute idea ;D
oh my yes :D spread the word please! I'm so excited about it! hehe
Will do! Have you gone to the Graham Coxon forums? I'm sure they would be willing to help!
oh yea I was BARELY registering, so I've just been waiting for the email telling me that the moderator approved me or whatever :) thanks anyways! You know where to find me
Totally, no prob :D